Bonjuk, Korea's No.1 porridge restaurant with over 2,000 franchise locations in South Korea alone, serves you the most wholesome happiness.

Opening its first restaurant in 2002, Bonjuk has quickly become the country's most beloved brand, providing a fresh and nutritious dining experience to the customers craving Korean traditional delicacy, porridge.

Now you can enjoy the same Bonjuk in portable packages with a long shelf life! Our customer-oriented food products include various tasty and nutritious porridge items with various flavorful options in both bowls and pouches.

Enjoy your Bonjuk favorites anytime, anywhere! Bon Appetit!

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Bon Porridge Pouch is Bonjuk's signature porridge product packed in portable packages. Easily carry them with you in your bag anytime and anywhere. The lightweight and long shelf life make it easier to bring them to work, school, or on a trip.

The flavors include:

Abalone & mushroom - Made with fresh abalone and nutritious Korean mushroom. Chewy and tender texture with unique seafood flavor.

Vegetable - Made with fresh veggies with a savory taste and creamy texture. Contains squash, mushroom, carrot, and other various vegetables.

Sweet red bean - Traditional porridge taste meets modern-day recipe. A sweet and savory Juk made with slow-cooked red bean.

Spicy Seafood & Vegetable - Nutritious and flavorful seafood combined with the jjamppong sauce fills your mouth with the exclusive taste of Bonjuk.

Octopus & Kimchi - The perfect combination of octopus' chewy and tender texture and kimchi's spicy and savory flavor.

Sweet pumpkin - A soft and nutritious Juk made with sweet pumpkin. Rich in sweetness that comes from honey without other artificial sweeteners.

Tuna and Veggie - Made with various fresh veggies topped up with nutritious tuna. Savory taste and creamy texture.

Seafood - A mixture of tasty shrimp, squid, and other various seafood flavors in your mouth.

Featured items

Featured items

Featured items



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